Basic Esthetician Supplies For a Relaxing Experience


Skinimalism is said to be one of the biggest beauty trends of this year. POPSUGAR describes it as marrying makeup and skin care for the best of both worlds. This approach uses natural, minimal, or no make-up allowing your real skin to shine through. Estheticians are one of the best ways to get glowing skin that naturally radiates. This profession is in high demand and keeping your salon stocked full of the right basic products will make your business run much smoother allowing more time for your clients.


Fort Smith Medical & Janitorial Supply has everything you need. Beginning with keeping the area sanitary between clients. The white poly disposable pillowcases are the perfect way to keep your clients comfortable allowing them to relax while maintaining a sanitary pillow. Drape sheets add another layer of protection for your clients as there are multiple treatment room applications for these drapes. Of course, multiple hand sanitizing stations located in common areas is another barrier to protect both yourself, your staff, and your clients.


Service-related supplies to have on hand to allow you to focus on your specialty are essential for a stress-free experience for your clients. Headbands such as the Spa Essentials Elite are perfect for keeping clients’ hair off their faces to allow you to work easily. The reusable gel bead eye mask compress is another great way to offer your clients full relaxation.

Fort Smith Medical & Janitorial Supply has many more products for aestheticians from cotton balls to Durawick towels. Contact them today for all your supplies at 800.632.7876. Shipping is available within the continental US.