Betco Products

Long before Covid-19, keeping areas germ-free and disinfected were at the forefront of business’ priority lists. Now that we’re two years into the pandemic and there appears to be a light at the end of the tunnel, disinfecting remains to be a top priority and will continue to be whether it’s Covid or the flu or other contagion.

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Betco BioActive Solutions™ are effective and safe offering continuous cleaning. They are made of a blend of microbial species that naturally stimulate enzymes for long lasting clean. These chemicals are formulated with non-pathogenic microbes to create enzymes that digest fats, oils and greases (also known as FOGs). In addition to keeping surfaces germ-free, the simple to use, no-rinse formulated cleaner, deodorizes and disinfects in one easy operation. Therefore, increasing your operational efficiency and reducing labor costs. Sectors that rely on Betco products are:


FOOD SERVICE – Of course, surfaces that customers directly contact are important to keep sanitized and cleaned, but floors in the kitchen are also important. Kitchen floors often become slick with cooking oils and grease. Properly cleaned floors improve traction resulting in a cleaner safer work environment. Other important food service areas that Betco products can be used are prep and staging, cooking, walk-in coolers and freezers, and bathrooms.


HEALTHCARE – In addition to sanitizing surfaces touched by employees and patients, reducing slips and falls is just as important. Facilities such as nursing homes must protect residents and staff from falls by keeping floors clean.


OFFICE – Infections are one of the major causes of serious illness, even mortality in some cases, so proper disinfection is necessary. Chair arms and door handles can harbor these harmful germs making proper cleaning and products imperative.

betco lotion skin cleanser rs

Any sector requires continuous hand washing to keep germs at bay, which can lead to dry skin. Betco Antibacterial Lotion Skin Cleanser hand soap uses the germ-killing power of Chloroxylenol (PCMX) to kill germs while leaving hands feeling moisturized.

Other sectors that can benefit from Betco products are:

  • Hospitality/lodging
  • Manufacturing
  • Property management
  • Retail – Grocery stores, convenience stores, boutiques
  • Fitness
  • Education

Fort Smith Medical & Janitorial Supply can provide all your Betco product needs. Contact FSMJS, 800.632.7876, today to reduce cleaning labor costs, increase efficiency, and to help protect your customers or patients from harmful bacteria.