Sklar Soak for Instruments Gallon

Description Sklar Soak for Instruments Gallon The Sklar Soak is a disinfectant for use with decontaminating tools. By immersing your soiled instruments in the Sklar Soak for at least 3 minutes, you reduce the risk of exposure to many infectious organisms. The non-caustic formula is ready to use and allows you to use with your ultrasonic cleaner or as a manual cleaner. With constant use, you can help extend the life of your instruments by preventing corrosion, spotting or staining. Sklar Soak is EPA registered and meets all of OSHA standards on bloodborne pathogen destruction. You can use the Sklar Soak on stainless steel, plastic, chrome, rubber and glass. We also offer an 8oz. spray bottle of instrument cleaner. Size: 1 gallon Disinfectant Soak for 3 minutes Non-caustic formula Ready to use Extends life of instruments

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