Google’s New Health Tracking Wristband

The Google [X] Labs Wristband will change the way clinical researchers and doctors collect data! 

According to statement released to Bloomberg, Google has developed a new wristband that will help doctors reliably track patient vitals while they are away from the hospital. The new medical device is being developed by Google’s semi-secret life sciences division, code name Google [X] Labs.

Much More Than Just A Smartwatch

The new Google [X] Wristband is not a smartwatch. It was designed first and foremost to be a medical instrument. The experimental device will function as an all-in-one vital sign tracking device. According to Bloomberg’s phone interview with Andy Conrad, head of the life sciences team at Google, the wristband will collect continuous data on the patient’s pulse, heart rhythm, skin temperature, and environmental information. (i.e. light exposure and noise levels) 

Smartwatches like the apple watch have some health tracking features, but are not nearly as accurate as the Google [X] Labs Wristband.
The Google [X] Wristband provides medical grade precision, with the convenience of a wrist watch.

Getting The Whole Picture

Traditionally clinical researchers are only able to capture “snapshots” of data while the trial participants are in their lab. The Google [X] Labs team aims to change this. With continuous data doctors and researchers will have greater insights into their patient’s conditions and lifestyles.  

Removing The “Human Element”from self-reported data

For decades doctors and clinical researchers have provided all of the leg work in medical advancement. The Google [X] Wristband will give patients the opportunity to take a meaningful role in medical research. 

The new wristband will allow patients to contribute meaningful self-reported data to clinical trials.
The wristband will allow trial participants to follow their normal routines without having to log trial data.

Research In Real World Environments 

This breakthrough device has the potential to change the way clinical trials are conducted. By removing the human element, self reporting errors can be eliminated completely. Thus freeing clinical researchers to conduct trials in the real world, not just a lab environment. This new found freedom could potentially increase research accuracy. Trial participants will not be subconsciously cued to behave or respond in certain way by the artificial nature of the research lab.

The Google [X] team hopes to begin trials with academic researchers to ensure the wristbands accuracy and reliability before the end of the summer. According to Conrad their goal is to seek regulatory clearance for use in the United States and Europe. When asked about long term goals Conrad replied “I envision a day, in 20 or 30 years, where physicians give it all patients.” He hopes that with advanced technology like the Google [X] Wristband will help catch the early signs of disease and harmful habits before they become an issue. He believes  that, prevention is always the best course of treatment.

The Google [X] Labs wristband will let researchers conduct trials out side of the lab.
Researchers will now have the freedom to collect reliable data outside of the lab.

How do I get one?

Unfortunately this new Google product will not be available to the general public, the Fitbit can breath easy- for now. During the phone interview Conrad said “Our intended use is for this to become a medical device that’s prescribed to patients or use for clinical trials.” 

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