Learn How To Make REAL Vitamin Water!

Are you staying properly hydrated this summer? Drinking enough water will not only keep you healthy and make you feel great, it can help you lose weight! Here are a few of our favorite real vitamin water recipes.

Cucumber, Lime, and Mint Infused Water

Cucumber, lime, mint infused water 

Ideal for detox and recovery after an eventful weekend or a summer party. This refreshing recipe will help with digestion, curbing your appetite, and bloating. It also provides a healthy dose of iron, calcium, and vitamins A,C, and K.

For 34oz of water you’ll need to slice:

¾ medium cucumber

1 lemon

3 mint sprigs

Orange and Blueberry Infused Water

 Orange and blueberry infused water

A great source of antioxidants, vitamins C and B6.

For 34 oz of water you’ll need:

1 sliced orange

10 blueberries

Best served at room temperature

Strawberries and Lemon Infused Water

 Strawberry and lemon infused water

Perfect as a blood sugar stabilizer, boosting your immune system’s defenses and digestion. Contains plenty of vitamin C!

For 34oz of water you’ll need to slice:

1 lemon

4-5 strawberries

Watermelon, Cucumber, and Rosemary Infused Water

Watermelon, cucumber and rosemary infused water 

Helps with bloating and appetite control, boosts your immune system’s defenses. Contains vitamins A, B6, and C.

¾ medium cucumber

~5oz watermelon cubes

2 sprigs rosemary

Preparation Tips

Let the fruit sit for at least 20 min before drinking. Feel free to reuse the fruit several times a day; however, we do recommend discarding the fruit after 24 hours.

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