Must-Have Products for Home Service Contractors

If you are a contractor that requires entering customers’ homes, one of your priorities is avoiding any mishaps like scratching floors due to debris in your shoe and now the COVID-19 pandemic has caused more awareness for contractors to protect customers’ and their health. This reminds me of a time a phone tech came to my home. Unbeknownst to him he had a rock in his shoe and proceeded up my beautiful newly finished wood stairs. Needless to say, they were deeply scratched every step of the way. Of course, he didn’t do it intentionally, but oh how I wish he would have had shoe covers.


As a contractor another consideration is insurance coverage. Many liability insurance policies will not cover any incidences if protective footwear is not worn making shoe covers a necessity to not only protect floors but to stay within insurance coverage requirements.


A few inexpensive products can keep your customers happy while taking precautions for everyone’s health. Fort Smith Medical & Janitorial Supply has all the contractor products you need. In addition to your tools, stock your toolbox with these items.


Shoe covers to protect floors.

disposable face mask

Face masks to help protect your health as well as your customer.

Trash bags for clean-up.

survival first aid kit

Every contractor needs a survival first aid kit equipped with everything you need for fast medical care. This kit comes with 168 pieces with everything from bandages to cleansing products to over-the-counter pain relievers.

For any of these products order online or call Fort Smith Medical & Janitorial Supply, 479.632.7876.  Shipping is available for anywhere in the continental United States.