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A quick internet search can reveal just about any tattoo idea you can think of. Tattoos are a great way to reflect your personality and meaningful events that have occurred in your life. Once you’ve decided on the perfect tattoo and the most reputable tattoo artist, you must consider the safety and cleanliness of the shop. How do you know if the tattoo shop you’ve decided on is safe and clean? Regulations and guidelines vary from state to state, but overall they should be clean and adhere to general sterilization practices such as: 

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dentist office

Sterilization has been a top priority for most businesses long before COVID-19 became a part of our everyday vocabulary. Since the pandemic, it seems that consumers are more interested than ever in a business’s sterilization protocols. Infections can occur in just about any setting from surgery centers to hospitals to chiropractic clinics. Of course, the odds are vastly different. For example, your chance of infection from a visit to your chiropractor is significantly lower than your chance of a Hospital Acquired Infection (HAI) from a surgery center.1 Experts attribute one of the main causes of infections as due to the lack of proper hygiene in healthcare settings. In addition to healthcare settings, one could argue the lack of proper hygiene and sterilization will cause infections in other settings such as tattoo shops and spas.

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About a year ago, not many people that were not in the medical field had ever heard the acronym “PPE.” A year later, it’s common language for most people. The use of personal protective equipment suddenly went from the healthcare and public service industries’ hypothetical worst-case scenario training exercises to a real-life emergency resulting in a shortage of the necessary PPE. Healthcare workers have always been one of the most at-risk groups for contracting contagious diseases, but COVID-19 certainly put that in a real-time perspective. If there is one thing that can be learned from the pandemic, is that PPE must be readily available and in abundant supply to those on the frontlines.

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Smells can evoke a sense of nostalgia or remind you of sweet memories. For example, when I smell fresh sage I can’t help but think of my grandma and how she grew her own to make the perfect Thanksgiving dressing. Yes, those are the smells that we love. However, certain smells can do just the opposite. Case in point, the second I walk into a house or building I can tell you if it has been wet or not. There is something about that musty, wet smell that I can’t seem to move past. You can see why it is so important to make sure your business has the right smell. This is particularly important for some businesses that don’t have the luxury of being the type of business that naturally has a pleasant smell like a flower shop.

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Did you know that heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States? It beats out cancer by nearly 10-percent. Unfortunately, my mom was one of those that fell victim to cardiac arrest. In her case she was driving home from a day of shopping for graduation gifts for grandkids. I can’t help but wonder if she had been in a business that had a defibrillator at the time it happened if she wouldn’t still be here with us today.

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