ParaSilk-Parriffin Treatments

ParaSilk Luxury Meets Therapy   

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ParaSilk paraffin wax therapy treatments offer all the health advantages of fully refined, paraffin was along with the added benefits of virgin coconut oil known for its medium-chain triglycerides and antioxidant capabilities and are made in the USA.


soothes sore muscles and joints

increase circulation

mildly reduces inflamation

therapeutic and restorative

hydrating and moisturizing

self contained and disposable

Health care-Physicians office:  CPT Code 97018 for reimbursements for 2-4 treatments maybe more,  if you have a patient with the following:

Paraffin bath, also known as hot was treatment is primarily used for pain relief in chronic joint problems of the wrists, hands and feet

Specific indications for the use of paraffin baths include:

the patient has a contracture as a result of rheumatoid arthritis;

The patient has a contracture as a result of scleroderma;

the patient has acute synovitis;

the patient has post-traumatic conditions;

the patient has hypertrophic scarring;

the patient has degenerative joint disease;

the patient has osteoarthritis;

the patient has post-surgical conditions or tendon repairs; or

the patient who is status post sprains or strains

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