The US pet industry topped out at over $123 billion in sales last year, according to a recent study conducted by APPA. Vet care and related products made up $34.3 billion of that amount.

Another survey conducted by financial website LendEDU, found that nearly half of all Americans spend the same or more on their pet’s healthcare than they do on themselves. Veterinarians serve an important role to pet owners much like a pediatrician to parents and their child. This means that pet owners don’t take selecting a pet healthcare professional lightly. In addition to knowledge, a veterinarian must have a variety of medical equipment readily available In order to treat the injuries and illnesses of pets and other animals while meeting pet owners’ high expectations and standards. Equipment and tools include surgical supplies, x-ray, and ultrasound machines. A veterinarian’s day-to-day tasks typically involve treating wounds, diagnosing illnesses, performing surgery, administering vaccines, and prescribing medicines. Having the right equipment on hand is crucial to being able to perform those day-to-day tasks and any emergencies.

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