PPE and COVID Equipment are Here to Stay

mask sanitzer

About a year ago, not many people that were not in the medical field had ever heard the acronym “PPE.” A year later, it’s common language for most people. The use of personal protective equipment suddenly went from the healthcare and public service industries’ hypothetical worst-case scenario training exercises to a real-life emergency resulting in a shortage of the necessary PPE. Healthcare workers have always been one of the most at-risk groups for contracting contagious diseases, but COVID-19 certainly put that in a real-time perspective. If there is one thing that can be learned from the pandemic, is that PPE must be readily available and in abundant supply to those on the frontlines.


One of the most obvious pieces of PPE is a mask to prevent the spread of saliva droplets or discharge from the nose to others.


Disposable gloves are another critical PPE item as they protect the wearer from exposure to harmful contagions. Our hands are used for everything, and if they have been in contact with a contaminated surface or infected person, spread of the virus is likely.


A few years ago when H1N1 and SARS became known, businesses actively installed hand sanitizer stations. COVID-19 was no different, in fact, more sanitizing stations were installed in most businesses. The demand for sanitizer quickly outweighed the supply.


As we learn more about Covid, it is likely testing in a medical clinic will become as commonplace as testing for the flu or Strep. It is expected that many travel destinations, particularly outside of the US will require proof of negative COVID tests before entry.


The necessity of PPE and Covid equipment will not end when “normal” returns. At various peak seasons, it will most likely be on the rise. Many experts are predicting the 2021 flu season may be higher than normal, which will likely result in high demand for PPE. Now that supply has been replenished, don’t delay in stocking up on PPE and COVID equipment. Fort Smith Medical & Janitorial Supply has everything you need from isolation gowns to sanitizer to self-sealing sterilization pouches and everything in between. Place an order on the website or give them a call, 800.632.7876, to discuss the best personal protective equipment for your business.