Boardwalk Nylon Grout Brush Ea


Boardwalk Nylon Grout Brush Ea


The ideal cleaning tool if you have tiled counters, floors, walls or shower stalls, this grout brush gets deep into grout and crevices cleaning them thoroughly. Boardwalk’s Grout Brush is designed with an upswept style to get into even the toughest spots. The durable plastic handle is soft and comfortable, putting less tension on the hands while allowing for a firm grip. When your cleaning tasks are finished, the oversize opening in the handle will allow you to hang this tool to dry. This affordable, effective cleaning tool is a must-have for your home. Stock up today!

Boardwalk Nylon Grout Brush, 7/8" Bristles, 8 1/8" Handle, Each

SKU: BWK9008

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