Crosstex Sparkle Disposable Air water Syringe Tips-locking, 250/Bag, Asst. Colors


Sparkle Air/Water tips are: simple to connect and lock securely; ensure distinct air/water separation for every procedure; constructed with patient comfort and instrument longevity in mind; and are disposable.? Traditional metal air/water syringe tips cannot be reliably sterilized for two main reasons:first, the inside channel is hard to reach and cannot be visually inspected.? Second, researchers have found that the irregular inner surfaces of metal syringe tips allows for the accumulation of deposits and possibly bioburden.? If clinicians cannot remove all foreign matter from an instrument, it is not a viable candidate for sterilization and reuse.? Eliminate the risk associated with reusable syringe tips with sparkle Disposable air/water syringe tips.

Quad core air channel ensures air/water separation.

No adapter required.

Beveled edge provides increased patient comfort.

Single use eliminates cleaning and cross contamination risks

Tip connects directly to your system with no adapter required

Rigid construction will not bend during cheek retration

Translucent material allows visualization of water flow and or blockages

Disposable tips save you time as compared to metal syringe tips which require cleaning, disinfection and sterilization



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