Marly Skin gaurd 100ml can


Marly Skin gaurd 100ml can

150 applications

Benefits for the Healthcare Practitioners
1. Full Skin Protection
o Marly Skin Guard? helps protect your skin from the acids, allergens, alcohol, bacteria, bodily fluids, chemicals and toxins encounter daily.
o Stays intact for 4-hours protecting the skin from continuous washing and sanitizing.
o It?s non-toxic, hypoallergenic and pharmaceutical grade ingredients are non-greasy, so you retain full dexterity and it does not rub off on equipment and instrumentation.
2. Contact and Allergic Dermatitis
o Marly Skin Guard? is the only solvent free barrier foam in the world, so it may be used on both healthy and unhealthy skin. It doesn?t sting when applied to rashes, minor cuts & burns.
o Protects against latex allergies.
o It doesn?t heal your skin. Instead it helps protect it from allergens and irritants, allowing the skin to heal itself.
3. Vital Component in Infection Control Best Practices
o Marly Skin Guard? complements alcohol-based hand sanitizers because it stays in the skin for 4-hours, no matter how many times you wash or sanitize your hands and it prevents the drying effect and absorption of this alcohol through the skin.
o So healthcare practitioners are more likely to continuously wash and sanitize their hands.
4. Extends Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
o Not just for the hands, Marly Skin Guard? can be used anywhere on the body where traditional PPE does not cover the skin like the wrists, neck, ears and forehead to protect against splatter or skin irritations under masks, gloves and goggles.
5. Helps fight Bacteria, Fungi and Viruses
o Marly Skin Guard? is not an anti-bacterial, but it creates a 7.9 pH level on the skin, which is in the neutral band, so bacteria, fungi and viruses do not thrive on the skin.
6. Complements Gloves
o Marly Skin Guard? reduces occlusion when wearing examination gloves.
7. Environmental Controls
o Marly Skin Guard? provides the cleaning staff a skin barrier from aggressive cleaning products during their meticulous equipment and work area cleaning.
8. Cost Effective
o Marly Skin Guard? has been clinically proven to be the most cost effect skin barrier on the market.
9. Ease of Use
o Just spray and rub Marly Skin Guard? into the skin, let it dry for 3 minutes and you have a skin barrier in place for up to 4-hours, no matter how many times you wash or sanitize your hands. And no need to remove it, because it eventually breaks down and evaporates.
Benefits for the Patients
1. Full Skin Protection
o Marly Skin Guard? helps protect your skin from the acids, allergens, alcohol, bacteria, bodily fluids, chemicals and toxins encounter daily.
o It helps heal and prevent the occurrence of contact and allergic dermatitis.
2. Incontinent Rashes
o Marly Skin Guard? helps clear up rashes caused by incontinence, and helps prevent them from reoccurring.
o The problem with traditional topical ointments is when applied to the rash, the ointment rubs off into the adult brief clogging its pours causing the brief to fail and where the ointment rubbed off, the skin is exposed to urine, causing the rash to worsen.
o Marly Skin Guard? dries in the skin, so it does not rub off into the brief, so it maintains full absorbency and Marly Skin Guard? protects from residual urine and allows rashes to heal.
o Another benefit is when creams are used on incontinence rashes, they feel greasy and uncomfortable and the creams may stain clothing causing embarrassment. So Marly Skin Guard? makes incontinence sufferers feel more confident and comfortable.
3. Positive Effect on Bedsores
o Marly Skin Guard? has been clinically proven to help heal and reduce the occurrence of bedsores (decubitus ulcers).
o Marly Skin Guard? is therefore recommended for the treatment of bedridden patients and to prevent decubital ulcers.
o And bedridden patients only need to be turned every 4 hours, instead of every 2 hours with traditional treatments.
4. Stoma Patch Irritation Relief
o Since Marly Skin Guard? has pharmaceutical grade ingredients, it can be applied around a stoma. It is also solvent free so it does not sting and since it dries in the skin and is non-greasy the stoma patch will still adhere, thereby protecting the skin around the stoma from the adhesives in the stoma patches.
5. Marly Skin Guard? vs. Traditional Skin Barrier Substances
o A clinical study proved that Marly Skin Guard? is clearly superior to other nursing care substances for skin protection of bedridden and incontinent patients in geriatric and handicap care:
? The substantial lower quantity of the required substance
? The shorter time required for single care measures
? The reduced frequency of the nursing care measures per day
? The convenience of use both for patients and nursing staff
? The positive effects of using Marly Skin Guard?
? the systematic use of Marly Skin Guard? is more cost-effective compared to other nursing care substances.

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