Mechanical Physician Scale


Mechanical Physician Scale

Capability w/o complexity the DS2100 provides an easier way to measure height and weight of patients in a hospital, medical office, school or healthcare facility.? Basic design doesn’t mean lack of features.? The DS2100, has a weighing capacity of 450lbs, that’s over 15% more than our competition.? The large two inch diameter wheels, optional from other scale, manufacturers, are a standard item on the DS2100.? Switching between pounds and kilograms is quick and easy.? Simply twist the weigh beams and weigh the patient, with standard and metric units on two separate, color-coded sides of the weight beams, errors in mistaking kilograms for pounds is eliminated.? The included aluminum telescoping height rod can be used to measure pediatric or adult patients.? The generously sized scale platform has a removable, slip-resistant cover.? Easy to use and laded with standard features, the DS2100 is an exceptional value.?

SKU: DS2100

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Weight 35 oz
Dimensions 14.5 × 10.5 × 10 in


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