Orthopedic Universal Extremity Drapes, Sterile 90″ x 131″ 14/cs


Orthopedic Universal Extremity Drapes 90 x 131 14/cs

For the full range of orthopedic procedures, we’ve got you covered.? Optimum combination of features to meet the rigorous demands of orthopedic surgery, from hand procedures to hip replacements.?

These are developed to protect you and your patients and include the following features:

Maximum rating for flame resistance for use around lasers and other electrical instruments

fabric that’s resistant to tearing, strike through and abrasion, while providing secure attachment of lines and tubes

Much lower lint than other drapes to reduce the risk of airborne bacterial transmission



SKU: KIM89279

Additional information

Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 22 × 16 × 20 in


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