Scott’s Pavlick Harness Pediatric Support Small


Scott’s Pavlick Harness Pediatric Support Small

The Pavlik harness is fit to the baby and holds his or her hips in proper position. By flexing up the legs, and allowing the knees to fall outwards, the hips are held in proper position. By doing so, the hip joint is properly reduced, and the hips will form normally.

It is important to understand the proper use and fit of a Pavlik harness. A Pavlik harness that is too tight can do more damage to the baby’s hips, and a Pavlik harness that is too loose will not hold the hips properly.

Babies who are fit for a Pavlik harness should be checked regularly to ensure proper fit of the device and to ensure the hips are being held in the proper position. The harness is worn until the hip joint is stable without being in the brace. The stability of the hip joint can be assessed either by a skilled examiner or by the use of an ultrasound test.

If the harness is worn on the child, and the hips do not return to the proper position in the hip socket within a few weeks or a month, the harness should be discontinued and an alternative treatment considered. Alternative treatments may include the use of a rigid cast, called a hip spica, or surgical treatment.

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