Sol-Care Safety Blood Collection Needle 23G x 3/4 w/adapter 12″ tube


Sol-Care Safety Blood Collection Needle 23Gx3/4 with adapter and 12″ tubing 50/bx

The Buttery needle is a sterile winged blood collection needle with tubing and luer adapter with a non-patient needle end.?? The Butterfly needle is used for blood collection and/or short-term infusion of intravenous fluids.? The device contains a sliding shield that covers the needle point after use.? In the activated position the needle cover guards against accidental needlesticks during normal handling and disposal.

Safety Butterfly needle and safety butterfly needle set is a single-use, sterile, winged blood collection needle to be used for blood collection and/or short term infusion of intravenous fluids.? the device is designed with a safety mechanism to help reduce the risk of needlestick injury.?

3 year shelf life.


SKU: SOL 110201030033

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Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in


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