Willomd Mini-Knee Computer


The WilloMD is diffeent. ?Think o fit as a mini-computer for knee pain. ?Created by physicians, it’s a 5th generation instrument that is the result of decades of medical research and development adn is FDA compliant. ?It’s 90%+ effective and an innovative therapeutic solution designed specifically for knee joint pain.


The WilloMD is different. ?Think of it as a mini-computer for knee pain. Anytime you feel knee pain or stiffness reach for your WilloMD. ?Get you leg naked then strap it directly on the skin just below your knee cap. ?Press "ON" and select "MODE". ?Then relax. ?Over 90% of our users notice reduced pain and improvement in range of motion from the first treatment session. ?When finished, return the Willo to it’s charging dok on your counter top, ready for the next time you need it.?


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Weight 10 oz


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