Mini Omni-Ultrasound based Osteoporosis Screening

Portable Bone Density Assessment solutions for Adult and Pediatrics.  The MiniOmni is compact (2 pounds) can perform anywhere and by anyone.  Used at Health Fairs, Trade Shows, Home health, Physicians, and etc.

Customers use it to improve Preventative Care and Quality Scores, their Medicare bonus, and also as a Cost Savings investment with the CPT Code 76977.  The CPT Code RxHCC87 for Risk Adjustment to identify the “Higher Risk” patients, similar to a Diabetic patient, has even more additional benefits.

Highly affordable, zero cost of operation, no disposables, Saves referral fee to DEXA study.

Plug & play USB connection-use your own PC/laptop

Great benefit-no need to undress, or bend over, shoes stay on, ideal for immobile patients, real-time visual and audio feedback of correct measurements

FDA approved, been on market for over 10 years, most insurance cover costs.

Ideal for pediatric bone screening-monitor potential to reach peak bone strength.

Demo to scan a patient

Additional probes as well is optional.

Call or email Fort smith Medical and Janitorial Supply for a demo or purchase, our sales rep-Fred or Robin Elmore will be available to help with any questions.