Reducing Scarring With SkinStitch®

Incidents that require stitches most often leave a lifelong reminder with a scar. Anytime reduced scarring can be provided for a patient will earn any medical professional bonus points. When used properly, SkinStitch® Medical Adhesive is the right tool to dramatically reduce scarring. The product is a part of the cyanoacrylate family, which hardens on contact with moisture. The controlled edge design optimizes the surgeon’s expertise, and it has a faster drying time.


The SkinStitch® product can be used in place of sutures or staples to close wounds in conjunction with deep dermal stitches achieving the needed strength to keep the wound closed while healing. It can also be used to close wounds more than three inches in length. SkinStitch® acts as a microbial barrier to protect wounds from infection.

Photo Credit: SkinStitch®

The patented “hockey-stick” design allows for ultimate control during the application process optimizing the surgeon’s expertise and experience. The high-quality adhesive interacts immediately with the tissue to form a strong, painless bond and has a faster drying time than other products. be used to close wounds more than three inches in length. There is no residue or harmful toxic components.


Under the proper storage conditions, the shelf life is guaranteed for two years from the date of manufacture. No refrigeration is necessary but in extremely warm climates the interior temperatures may rise resulting in reduced shelf life.

SkinStitch® has been helping patients for more than 20 years. Contact Fort Smith Medical & Janitorial Supply to order SkinStitch® today, 800.632.7876.