Choosing the Right Stethoscope for You

A medical student’s first stethoscope is not something they will soon forget. It’s not only a practical tool of the trade it is a symbol of their hard work and dedication. As students progress through their medical careers, they soon realize that a good stethoscope is also an investment in their practice. Not all stethoscopes are created equal, and the type depends on features needed for the job. Especially, if you are a student and new to buying a stethoscope, the choices can get overwhelming.

ScrubPro Uniforms suggests assessing your needs.


  • Students should not limit themselves to the cheapest stethoscope. As ScrubPro Uniforms stated, this is one of the most critical times in your career when you are learning what to listen for, and what certain conditions sound like. You will want to make sure you have a good quality stethoscope to make you the best medical professional possible.

student steth

  • Specialty fields such as cardiology will most likely need to invest in a specialty stethoscope. For example, cardiology stethoscopes have a diaphragm that adjusts based on how hard you press it against the patient’s skin.


  • Consider the wearability factor as you will most likely be wearing your stethoscope for several hours. Are you already accustomed to wearing it a certain way? Around your neck? In a holder? Cargo pant pocket? ScrubPro Uniforms suggests thinking about the preferred length of the tubing and the heaviness of the piece.

Whether you are a student purchasing your first stethoscope or a seasoned medical profession, Fort Smith Medical and Janitorial Supply has the right stethoscope you need. Order online or call 800.632.7876.